XoXo: There is no summer without a kiss

We leave behind our thoughts to welcome inspiration. Finally, we lose sense of time and swim into a sea of ​​illusions. During the day we get carried away by the rhythm of the waves. At night our hearts beat to the sound of the summer hits.

We are again experiencing the frenzy of adolescence. We discover new paths that we walk barefoot letting ourselves be guided by our instinct. We wake up when our bodies ask for it, we eat when we are hungry and lie down when our eyelids no longer resist.

Under the water we return to relish the freedom salting our cinnamon skin. We work on the mark of our swimsuit and our best reward is the fresh water of the shower after a long sunny day.
At nightfall, the glow of the stars illuminates our spirit to set up terrace dinners, decorated with tables full of refreshing drinks and colourful fruits. Among the breeze, laughter and calm, we share the most desired moment of the year: THE SUMMER.

And, since there is no summer without a kiss, the Byphasse team sends you one.




#illustration @sandropetitot