I am a Byphasse woman

Today I feel beautiful. Today I do not look very fresh. Today I woke up early to bring my children to school even I dream of staying in bed. Without the alarm ringing. I’m going to work. I am enthusiastic about the day that awaits me. Today I feel tired. Tomorrow will be another day. My children keep calling me. I would like to pick up the phone but I am busy closing some of major issues at the office. Tomorrow, I think, I should be more availeable for them.

Today is My Day. I will take care of myself, relax and rest. Although, today it is my husband who feels tired. I will have to postpone My Day. Today I should take care of him. I hope my children are well. I can’t sleep thinking about their future. Today I am happy, my daughter has passed all the subjects at school. I could have taken the occasion to go to spa but I have to attend two important meetings at the office and then I will take my daughter to the dance academy. I’ll go soon to the spa.

Today the alarm sounds again (at the same hour as every day), but today it is MY DAY, and all women’s day. I do not know what I am going to do, but nothing that resembles of what I did yesterday or what I will do tomorrow. Today, March 8th, I am still being a Byphasse woman.