Le renouveau commence dès maintenant.

We really like September. In fact, we love it. Because, even though we’re no longer walking barefoot along the beach, there’s still a spring in our step. We love it because, after a heady dose of summertime inspiration, we are ready to get creating again. This year, we should be excited about September, because, once the holiday blues have faded, it is the start of new things to come.


It’s true that the end of summer always feels like an abrupt goodbye that gives way to routine, early mornings, obligations, phone calls and a mountain of emails in our inboxes.


But we’re ready! Our batteries are fully charged and we are raring to go, ready to start anew with energy.


Now is the time for new beginnings, this September. So while you’re settling back into the daily grind, already counting down the days till next summer, think of all the new opportunities, perspectives, sights, plans, people, and experiences that are on the horizon.


September, we’re back!