The 21st century’s new goddess of love and femininity

Not even her name comes down to chance. Rose is our new heroine’s calling card. Her meaning goes beyond that of a flower or colour, extending towards the realms of Love and Femininity.

In Ancient Greece, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was represented with shades of pink, while the Olympian gods took on bluer tones. Aphrodite had fewer physical attributes than the other gods, but her confidence and control over her own desires radiated such beauty that she could hold them all in the palm of her hand. This singular characteristic was an unprecedented power.

Seen from this perspective, Rose’s mission is to inspire all women to feel this way with all their being. Sensual and independent. To be women who accept their figure and want to take care of it – women who love themselves!

The years go by, yet Rose’s youthful spirit expresses innocence and freshness. When she caresses her skin, it is with softness and delicacy. She wishes to give care and protection. This is what makes her kind and generous. She is far from perfect but everyone falls for her charms, while Rose herself respects those precious moments when she is her own greatest ally.

Beauty is a secret…and, like Rose, you possess it, because you are your own greatest ally.