Groovy Paradise

Dive into the depths of the cool sea

To assign perfection to something or someone is certainly utopian. But what about when we’re referring to those extraordinary parts of the world where the sky and the ocean melt into each other at the horizon, making it hard to distinguish where one starts and the other ends?

I’m talking about those places which amaze us with their crystalline waters, where divers swim by in perfect harmony, creating a rainbow; with a thunder orchestra accompanied by lightning striking and sinking into the depths of the sea. A lot of people would pay good money to witness such a spectacle.

When you get out of the water, the connection with the sand tries to take over your body, filling it with calm and well-being, overlooked by the palm trees and shaken up by the coconuts that fall from them. And in the dark, the beauty of the sky is revealed, captivating us with its enigmatic splendour.

And paradise reaches perfection when the echo of our happiness is captured in a concert of groovy melodies.



#illustration @sandropetitot