Funky Savannah

Travelling to the heart of the wilderness

Travelling to the heart of the wilderness: seeing “The Lion King” live and up-close means travelling to a place where dance is wildly infused with exuberant movements, propelled by the danger faced by the locals. People who are as free as they are fierce, dressed in natural leathers and extravagant prints.

Between the exotic fauna and the arid and tropical flora, you try not to get disorientated as adventure knocks at the door of your inner compass. This is a place where you can discover your survival instinct, testing your daring and your bravery.

Solitary, imposing trees bloom in the middle of nowhere, providing a refuge. A hideout which gives you the perfect place to shelter and observe the behaviour of your fellow travellers or to protect yourself from the rain, because the Savannah is either soaked or dry as a bone, depending on the time of year.

Travel, explore, experiment and most of all, Hakuna matata: live and be happy!




#illustration @sandropetitot