About Us

2000 Launch year of the brand

1st Byphasse Products: Toning Lotion and Cleansing Milk

93 Countries, 5 Continents: Global presence

175 Products: Wide range and complete care

2 Liters Of Caresses: Unique format for shower gels

1 Byphasse Micellar Solution sold every 2 seconds in the world

2020 20 years in the market as an expert in make-up remover products!

2021 We celebrate the 10th anniversary of our star product, Micellar make-up remover solution! 

Vegan commitment! 60 vegan-certified products by EVU* with international V-label Logo. To be continued…

*European Vegetarian Union



It has always been a key value for the brand’s success. Since Byphasse’s beginnings, the XL formats have been loved by everyone! The irresistible free gifts and promotions throughout the year also stand out.


To ensure that everyone can afford to buy any personal health and beauty products, we set our XS prices, very competitive, and our consumers warmly appreciate it!


Consumers are more and more aware of the importance of their skin health. For this reason, and because all people have the right to know, we are transparent and honest about the ingredients we use for our products.


It is in our DNA to listen and meet the needs of both our partners, by building solid and long-lasting collaborations, and our consumers, by offering them the most suitable products for their personal care.





At Byphasse we launch effective and safe products.
Our formulas are developed with selected ingredients, with cutting-edge technology and using as many natural ingredients as possible.

All Byphasse products comply with European Regulation no. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, and the most demanding standards of quality: ISO 22716:2007 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 9001:2015 QMS (Quality Management System).

To follow a good code of conduct, we produce 100% of our portfolio in the European Union, so that we reduce our carbon emissions.


Byphasse is present in over 90 countries and in many distribution channels, thanks to its different partners and distributors spread across the whole world. Byphasse’s ability to adapt to the diverse social, economic and political realities of the different geographical areas where it is present has been key in its expansion process.

The strategic location of Byphasse’s headquarters and logistical platform in Barcelona, at the gates of Europe, provides a prime position for distributing products.



From its very beginnings, the active listening to the needs of our consumers has been our essence, with the commitment to improving every day and keep moving forward in today’s world.

Personal care and hygiene are a reflection of our lifestyle habits, and today consumers are increasingly incorporating healthier, more respectful actions with Nature as a way of life. At Byphasse, we are already responding to this reality with formulas with a higher content of natural ingredients, going to the essentials. But that’s not all!


What are we doing?

Since 2021, we are walking towards a higher commitment with our consumers. Therefore, we offer products with vegan certification, free of any ingredients of animal origin and easily identifiable with a visible Certified Vegan Logo on the product. There’s no turning back on our path and today we have more than 60 vegan-certified products. Our goal is to further expand vegan certification to more than 70% of our product range by 2025.


What is a vegan product?

A vegan product contains no animal-derived or animal-generated ingredients, which implies that it is also free of animal-derived substances such as eggs, honey, dairy products, animal wax, colorants made from animal products or animal-derived additives. This takes into account all stages of production and processing.


How are we doing it?

We don’t walk alone! Vegan certification requires a demanding inspection process of both the composition of our ingredients and every single production step that goes through their development. To this end, we work with the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), an organization that ensures the authenticity and veracity of this process and that awards the internationally recognized V-Label seal of approval under standardized criteria.


How is it identified?

All our vegan-certified products are easily identifiable by our consumers thanks to the V-Label seal visible on both the front and the back of the product. This saves time for the consumer who does not need to read carefully the list of ingredients of a product to have all the guarantees.


Look for Byphasse’s certified vegan products!


Our new product lines are focused on a New Future caring, with minimalist lists of ingredients as simple as effective (Back to Basics range), a greater content of ingredients of natural origin, as well as specific products that combine the dermocosmetic experience and the pleasure of a sensory experience at home (Sheet Masks Skin Booster collection).

Loyal to our values of proximity and transparency, we work from respect towards a greater commitment to the mode of consumption of our consumers.

Because it’s not just about cosmetic products, but also about being able to choose what you like and what makes you feel good about yourself.