Christmas algorithms

Christmas algorithms are basically about programming our time back home with our families and finding a way of communicating about the things we’re interested in, creating quality content whose only filter is magical lights and Christmas decorations.

Optimising our hashtag is as simple as using the keywords we want to share. To do this, we need to be able to get online – and the advantage of being at home is there’s always a Wi-Fi network. At first it doesn’t seem to work as fast as 4G and even cause interference. But we finally manage to get online. AND, THROUGH THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS, we connect with our loved ones and our essential and authentic selves.

Once you’ve logged on, it’s easier to access the most important social network in our lives: family. On this platform, we can get as much information as we want, and our followers respond lovingly, demonstrating their unconditional support, although, this being an advanced form of technology, it takes time to adapt. When we give our attention, passion, time, dedication and a listening ear, it ends up becoming our main source of equilibrium.

It’s clear that, at this time of year, the ultimate hashtag is #FAMILY. However, just when we start to get comfortable with it, the algorithms change and we have to look again for the keyword to go with our hashtag, share it with a filter, count our comments and deal with rules that have little to do with our real life.

So remember that, just like Christmas, family is truly magical and it’s where we find the real influencers in your life. You like them, you post comments, but most importantly you can share things with them. So take care of them, treat them with gratitude, and may your hashtag always be your family.


Happy Christmas