The timeless leader we yearn for

She speaks out of silence. She is like the spaces in writing which express themselves through their very emptiness. A silence that does not reject, or wisdom through the infinite array of possibilities that she opens up. She is sovereign, with an absolute power whose perfection has reached a total state of peace. Symbol, which has even been carried by the Dove. Her virtue is to clarify and cleanse the sensations of the body and mind, and what she represents most precisely is new beginnings and births. She appears to be the ultimate inspiration of Queen Victoria in 1840, and used for her bridal gown and turned her into an icon and a tradition in the Western World. She is pure light, leaving shadows and shade to others. She mixes with no one, so she never loses her innocence and virginity and feels pride to know she will never be corrupted. An altruist, she only gives a part of herself to enlighten or dissipate others’ ideas. She wants nothing from no one, her mission being to serve the world, and to do so she must remain intact and unpolluted.