Barcelona, you’re part of our identity.

Byphasse largely owes its identity to the place where it first came into existence: BARCELONA, particularly Las Ramblas.

Its spark lights up Barcelona day and night and is a vital part of the city. Located right in the heart of the Catalan capital, connecting the port to the city centre. Frequented by locals and visitors from all over the world at all hours. Lit up by the shops which line the boulevard, with street artists providing the entertainment.

It is the emblem of our powerful, unique city. I would go as far as to state that it’s the street in Catalonia which has witnessed the most stories.

A thoroughfare which offers unrivalled experiences and is guaranteed to impress, from La Boqueria to the Plaza Real.

La Boqueria, The Market or ‘Gastronomic Temple’: a culinary icon which delights all the senses with the diversity of the colours adorning it, the aromas filling it and the happiness surrounding it.

The Liceo, Barcelona’s grand theatre: a cultural symbol, bestowed with a strong personality as well as beauty and elegance. It’s the home of talent.

The Plaza Real, a square which welcomes you and seduces you: a place which has conserved its classic look, with Antonio Gaudi’s masterful touch and with the Fuente de las Tres Gracias fountain serving as its centrepiece, fitting in perfectly with the contemporary vibe of the surrounding bars and the traditional atmosphere.

You are part of what we are and of what we’ve become. Because we were born on the Ramblas, grew up on the Ramblas and we’ll keep on shining together.


This one’s for you, Barcelona.