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The owner of this website is DOBER IMPORT EXPORT SL, with tax code B61310850 and a business address of  AV PORTAL DE L ANGEL, 42 PL 5 08002, BARCELONA, registered in the Commercial Registry, in volume 29656, folio 18, sheet B 158718 and entry 1. The email address for contacting the company is: assistantmanager@dobersl.com

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DOBER is a company that supplies high-quality health and beauty products at a very competitive price under its own brand, Byphasse. DOBER is constantly updating and innovating its products.

We would like to use this website (www.byphasse.com) to market our wide range of products, to both private and professional customers.

We also take advantage of the opportunity to inform them that we are available and open to any suggestions or proposals that they may have regarding the website or any other issues related to our company. Our objective is to maximize the satisfaction of both customers and anyone who collaborates with DOBER at a professional level, and we work constantly and tirelessly on improving our products in order to achieve this objective.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on all the information related to our products and the world of cosmetics, we’d suggest that you subscribe to our NEWSLETTER service for Visitors and Subscribers.

When someone accesses the website www.byphasse.com, they are assigned the status of VISITOR.

Subscription to our NEWSLETTER service is free and is done by entering a series of details on the corresponding form, which will vary depending on whether you are a private individual or a professional. The details requested for completing said forms will be provided freely and voluntarily, and they must be honest and accurate. Providing these details is obligatory if you want to subscribe to the NEWSLETTER service.
If you do subscribe to our NEWSLETTER service, this will assign you the status of SUBSCRIBER, as well as VISITOR.

In order to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER service as a professional, you must be at least 18 years old.

The status of VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER implies that you understand and fully and unconditionally accept these conditions of use, and are committed to conforming to and complying with them.
The website may be used for either private or professional purposes. For the latter, the user must be at least 18 years old.

DOBER reserves the right to update and/or modify these general conditions of use, unilaterally, with no prior warning and whenever it sees fit. As a result, it is essential that the VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER review these general conditions of use on a regular basis.

Should the SUBSCRIBER fail to comply with these general conditions of use, DOBER reserves the right to unsubscribe them with no prior warning, and the SUBSCRIBER will have no right to any form of compensation resulting from said unsubscription.

VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS commit to not use this platform for illegal or unlawful purposes.

Here is a non-exhaustive list with examples of some of the commitments assigned to VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS:

– To abstain from expressing opinions or providing information that violates any rights recognized and covered by Spanish legislation, or that encourages discrimination, whether it be sexual, religious, racial or of any other nature.

– To abstain from expressing opinions that are offensive, xenophobic, denigrating, defamatory, aggressive, violent or that use obscene language.

– To abstain from expressing opinions or providing information that is untrue, imprecise, incomplete or ambiguous.

– To abstain from expressing opinions or providing information that amounts to a violation of current legislation.

– To abstain from violating the right to communications confidentiality.

– To abstain from carrying out activities that violate intellectual or industrial property rights.

– To abstain from violating people’s rights to dignity, privacy and personal image.

– To abstain from providing information that contains services that are unlawful, pornographic or degrading to people.

– To use the website in compliance with the law, morality, good faith, public order and common decency.

– To abstain from using the platform to obtain the personal details of other VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS.

– To abstain from installing viruses or damaging files onto the website, or performing any kind of action that may damage it and prevent it from functioning properly.

– To abstain from using the website for advertising purposes.

The VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER declares that they have read and accepted these conditions for using and providing services for this website.

The SUBSCRIBER, by virtue of their subscription, gives their express consent to receive emails with information about products supplied by DOBER, in addition to offers, promotions or advertising. This consent may be revoked at any time via the option for unsubscribing from the NEWSLETTER service, which is available on our website. By using this option, the SUBSCRIBER will be unsubscribed from the NEWSLETTER.

Product Availability

Our website contains information about the entire range of products supplied by DOBER, however, no products are actually sold directly through the website, they are solely and exclusively available for sale in stores. However, we advise you, and you declare that you have been advised and notified, that the only products that will be sold in your territory of residence are those that have been approved in compliance with the registration and health legislation in said territory of residence. If any product is used outside of the territory where it is permitted, it will be under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the consumer themselves. Likewise, if any products are sold or distributed outside of the permitted territory, the responsibility will lie solely with the seller or distributor and the buyer of the product, and DOBER will bear no responsibility whatsoever.

Our Customer Service Department is available to help should you have any queries and can be contacted by phone on +34 933185877 or by email at info@dobersl.com.

Our products are therefore only available within the territory where they have been registered as complying with the corresponding health legislation, as such, products will only be available from stock for residents of the country where they have been authorized. Therefore, although you will be able to visit the website and subscribe to the NEWSLETTER service, there may be some products that are not authorized for sale in your territory, which means you will not be able to purchase them.

DOBER never sells products outside of the territory where they have been registered as complying with the health legislation of said territory, but it is unable to prevent third parties from selling or distributing products outside of the territory, so in this sense they are exempt from any related responsibility.