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These General Conditions of Use govern access to and use of the website www.byphasse.com (hereinafter referred to as the website); byphasse.com is an Internet domain belonging to DOBER IMPORT EXPORT, SL (hereinafter referred to as DOBER), which has Spanish Tax Identification Number B61310850, is entered in the Barcelona Register of Companies, Volume 29656, sheet 18, page B 158718, entry 1 and is domiciled at Av. Portal de l’Àngel, 42, 08002, Barcelona.

Should you wish to contact us in order to pass on any information to us or to raise any other issue, query, complaint, comment, clarification or suggestion, our contact details are as follows:

Email: info@dobersl.com

Telephone: (0034) 933185877

Fax: (0034) 933175342

Address: Av. Portal de l’Àngel, 42, 08002, Barcelona, Spain

If any clause within these General Conditions of Use is declared null, void or unenforceable, the other clauses shall remain in force, fully valid and with full effect.
DOBER shall be entitled to update, alter or delete the website or its operating conditions, technical conditions and conditions of use at any time.


DOBER is a company selling high-quality beauty and hygiene products under its own brand, Byphasse, at very competitive prices. DOBER updates and innovates continually its products.

We wish this website (www.byphasse.com) to present our wide range of products to both private individuals and professionals.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are completely at your disposal regarding any suggestion or proposal you may have in connection with the website or any other issue relating to our company. Our aim is to maximise the satisfaction of both clients and all those professionally involved with DOBER. In order to achieve this aim, we work hard on our products on an ongoing basis.

If you wish to be kept up to date on all information relating to our products and the world of cosmetics, we recommend that you subscribe to our NEWSLETTER.

Visitors and Subscribers

Accessing the website www.byphasse.com results in VISITOR status.
Subscribing to our NEWSLETTER is free of charge. To subscribe, complete the appropriate form with your details. The form will differ according to whether the subscriber is a private individual or a professional. The details requested in these forms are provided freely and voluntarily and must therefore be accurate. If you do not provide your details, you will be unable to subscribe to the NEWSLETTER. If you do subscribe to our NEWSLETTER, you will have the status of SUBSCRIBER as well as that of VISITOR.
In order to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER as a professional, you must be at least 18 years of age.
VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER status entails familiarity with and full, unconditional acceptance of these General Conditions of Use. You undertake to respect and comply with them.
This website may be used for both individual and commercial purposes. In the latter case, you must be at least 18 years of age.
DOBER reserves the right to update and/or alter these General Conditions of Use without providing any notification, unilaterally and at any time. The VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER must therefore review these General Conditions of Use frequently.
Should the SUBSCRIBER fail to comply with these General Conditions of Use, DOBER shall be entitled to cancel his/her subscription with no prior warning. In this event the SUBSCRIBER shall have no right to any compensation or indemnification as a result of subscription cancellation.

VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS undertake not to use this platform for illegal or unlawful purposes.

Some of the commitments acquired by VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS are listed below. This list is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive:

– To refrain from expressing opinions or providing information that incites discrimination, whether of a sexual, religious, racial or any other nature, or that infringes any right recognised and enshrined in Spanish law.

– To refrain from expressing offensive, xenophobic, derogatory, defamatory, aggressive or violent opinions and from using obscene language.

– To refrain from expressing opinions or providing information that is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous.

– To refrain from expressing opinions or providing information entailing a violation of current law.

– To refrain from infringing the right to confidential communication.

– To refrain from any acts that infringe intellectual or industrial property rights.

– To refrain from infringing individuals’ rights to honour, privacy or their own image.

– To refrain from providing information containing services that are unlawful, pornographic or degrading to individuals.

– To use the website in accordance with the law, moral considerations, good faith, good manners and public order.

– To refrain from using the platform to obtain personal details of other VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS.

– To refrain from installing viruses or harmful files and from committing any type of act that causes damage to the website that might impede the normal use thereof.

– To refrain from using the website for advertising purposes.

The VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER declares that he/she has read and accepted these conditions of use and service provision for this website.

By subscribing, the SUBSCRIBER explicitly gives his/her consent to receive emails containing information on products sold by DOBER and offers, promotions and advertising; this consent may be revoked at any time using the NEWSLETTER unsubscribe option located on the website itself. In revoking his/her consent, the SUBSCRIBER shall unsubscribe from the NEWSLETTER.

Product Availability

Our website contains information on the whole range of products sold by DOBER; however, products are not sold via the website and can be bought solely and exclusively in shops. Notwithstanding this, we hereby inform you, and you declare that you have been informed and notified, that the only products sold in the territory in which you reside will be those permitted by the health care registry and legislation of that territory. The consumer shall be solely and exclusively liable if any product is consumed outside the territory in which it is permitted. Similarly, when products are distributed or sold, if a product is distributed or sold outside the permitted territory, liability shall also lie solely with the distributor or vendor and the purchaser of the product, and DOBER shall bear no liability for this.

In any event, in case of any doubt we are completely at your disposal at our Customer Services Department, both by telephone on (0034) 933185877 and by email at info@dobersl.com.

Our range of products is therefore available only in the territory in which products have been registered in accordance with applicable health care legislation. Products shall therefore be available, depending on stock levels, only to residents of the country in which each product is authorised. In consequence, although you may visit the website or subscribe to the NEWSLETTER, there may be products that are not authorised for sale in your territory and that you will therefore not be authorised to sell.

DOBER never sells products outside the territory in which they are registered in accordance with the healthcare legislation of the territory in question. However, it cannot prevent a third party from selling or distributing products outside such territory and assumes no liability for this.
Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

The content included in this website now or in the future, whether the website itself, texts, logos, images, photographs, graphical representations, drawings, software, music, sound, brands, trade names, official names, any other distinctive sign or computer codes, is the property either of DOBER or of licensors or third parties that hold such rights. This content is therefore protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

The SUBSCRIBER shall be solely liable for the details he/she enters when subscribing to the service and shall be liable if any third party complains of infringement of his/her intellectual or industrial property rights in relation to the content or details entered.

Reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of content is not permitted unless it has been explicitly authorised by the content owners. Failure to comply with this provision may entail infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights.


Links from the website to other websites, whether to advertising or other types of content, are provided to the VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER for informational purposes only. DOBER therefore accepts no liability for products, services or content contained or provided on websites to which links are provided when such websites are located in another domain, as they are managed and owned by third parties other than DOBER and DOBER does not perform any supervision or monitoring of such content. DOBER therefore does not guarantee and is not responsible for the legality of the content of such websites, for which their owners bear full liability. However, DOBER shall delete any link if it becomes aware at any time that the link fails to comply with current law.

DOBER reserves the right to store information on links which a VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER has followed, in order to provide advertising suited to the profile of the VISITOR and/or SUBSCRIBER.

Limit of Liability

DOBER bears no liability in the following events:

– Abnormal operation of the website, whether due to force majeure or any other cause, including reasons attributable to DOBER.

– Interruptions to or errors in website access.

– Any damage caused to computer equipment following access to or browsing the website (interference, computer viruses, breakdowns, etc.).

– Unavailability of the website due to maintenance, an update or any other technical reason.

– Complaints of infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights committed by any SUBSCRIBER by entering details and information: the SUBSCRIBER shall be liable for damage directly caused.

– Any damage caused by third parties’ use of content or details entered by SUBSCRIBERS.

– Any unlawful or illegal act committed by any party other than DOBER.

– Any information that is not accurate, complete or of good quality. However, DOBER undertakes to strive to ensure, with the utmost care and rigour, that the information contained in the website is accurate, complete and of good quality.

– Errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, flaws or delays in the operation or transmission of the website.

– Damage experienced by SUBSCRIBERS or VISITORS to their computer equipment as a result of visiting the website or downloading website content.

– Technical failure of hardware or software occurring in computer equipment as a result of visiting the website.

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

This legal notice is governed by Spanish law. In order to resolve any disagreement or dispute that may arise regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of these General Conditions of Use, VISITORS and/or SUBSCRIBERS explicitly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona, Spain and waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled.